Daddy? I want to be a scientist….

If you ever wanted to know more about me, well xkcd has a very fitting comic that might help:

When I saw it this morning, I knew I had to print it out and add it to the small collection on my wall…  I could see this scenario playing out in my life.  Flying shark and all.

I wouldn’t say I was one of the weird kids, you know them… the weird, creepy little kids… But well, I was sort of an odd child.  I remember getting bored in my kindergarten class, and decided to amuse myself by rubbing a glue stick all over the bottom of my shoes, and then marching around on the linoleum just to hear that sticky sound.

I think I could be one of those scientists, figuring out absurd ways of tracking sharks.  Lord knows I’d probably concoct amazing ways and reasons just to get near a shark…  (The fact that I haven’t been to the Aquarium still astounds me…)  Well, knowing me, I’d probably either put a leash on the flying shark, or try to ride it.  Or maybe both.

More-so, however, I think that I have more in common with the little girl.  I don’t know how many times my parents have had to listen to some of my crazy ideas and notions of what I wanted to me…  It only took a few documentaries on the Discovery Channel for me to become mildly obsessed with sharks (so much so that, yes, I do have a shark tattoo).  Had I seen a shark fly by?  Well, you’d be reading a much different blog right now.