home sweet ..ikea… (making my apt more like a home)

I am a strong believer that we should have more three-day weekends.  I will admit, though, that these extended holiday weekends really don’t hold the same meaning as they once did.  I’m not overly patriotic at all, nor am I necessarily sympathetic with the military… however, at the same time I do think it’s sad that holidays like Memorial Day have basically been converted into yet another shopping extravaganza weekend.  It’s all about spending money and barbecuing — and subsequently, drinking.  Oh! And we can’t for the the race.  (Yes, the race — the Indy 500…)  What?  Soldiers died somewhere?  They’ve got issues being back home? Suicidal? Sacrifice? What??

Okay, enough of that… I’m sucked into the three-day holiday appeal too…  And I’m going to pull the Quaker card on why I don’t feel bad about not celebrating or honoring the men and women in uniform (and their families) — it’s not something that’s left for one day a year.  Remembrance is an every day thing.

So, with my extra day away from the office, what did I do?  How did I busy myself?  Not with alcohol and parties I can tell you that.  Instead, I got my first taste of an ikea one-day sale.  I thought I was doing well as I rolled through 5-minutes early… until I saw that the parking lot was about 1/4 full… My pre-ikea high dropped and I was filled with the fear and doom that my precious curtains, the item on sale today, that I had reserved a car for and driven all the way from my little Midlands of Lakeview for… that I wouldn’t be able to get my curtains.  Well, not only did I get them, but I got two pair… and a load of other stuff.

We actually had to queue up for the curtains — which I was thankful for, mad rushes can be fun, but I was in serious shopping mode. Luckily that wore off after I got my two packs of curtains and began wondering through the mock offices and closets…  Honestly, the curtains where my main reason for going to ikea, and the only reason why I went on Sunday.  But since I had a car reserved for a few hours, I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to make the most out of this trip.

Note to self: if there’s any indication whatsoever that you might be open to the possibility of going to ikea, do not shop alone.  Either a friend will be there to be a helpful reminder that you don’t need an ice tray that makes fish-shaped ice, or they will be there to point out all the things that you’ll need to go with your new ice-fishies… Plus, having two people makes it a lot easier to load up the car.  Having relied on the lovely staff to get boxes down from high shelves and also to load them in my trunk, well, I wasn’t sure quite how it would all work out once I got home.  Or even how I could leave my items unattended just to get the car — but luckily a kind pregnant woman watched over my newly purchased treasures…

So this weekend, besides catching up on yet more laundry, I spent a good deal assembling things and mounting things, and then trying to get rid of all the trash so I could see and use said things.  But in the end, though I’m still not finished mounting things, my place is looking a lot nicer.  I’m proud to say that my apartment looks less like a storage unit and more like an actually place to live.  The bandmate stopped by last night to get the last of my boxes for his move, and despite a lack of fauna, he liked the place.  It does clean up very well… and I would get plants if I wasn’t worried about my kittens think I installed some new buffet for them.

It’s still not done… I still need to mount another shelf in the kitchen, and do a lot of cleaning… but it’s getting there!  So you’ll get a full tour when it’s done… but until then, here’s some snippets from this weekend’s assembling-fest…

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