on audiences and concerts (it's okay, I'm with the band part 2)

Last night, my friend and bandmate David threw together an amazing benefit concert for the Latino Union… And my favorite band was among the few participating — Mucca Pazza.  No, unlike my last concert, I wasn’t on the list this time… but I wouldn’t want to be given that I wanted to support the Latino Union as well as see the show.

But continuing on from the previous post…  It’s true that an amazing audience can totally make the show.  Tony (one of MP’s percussionists) and I talked a little bit after the show about this.

Personally, I think it’s damn near impossible to stand still, let alone sit, during a Mucca Pazza show.  Last night I probably danced more than I have at previous shows.  A lot of this had to do with the amount of dancing around me.  Among some of my favorite dancers were my bandmates: David, B, Susie, Alex, Chantal, and Oliver…  All of us were up in the front rocking out and showing our love.  At at least one point I was actually dancing with Elanor (MP trombone player) and at another David was trying to push me into her… Just some concert fun.  In the end, we were all a hot, sweaty mess.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And again, I have to say I love seeing them rock out.  I could probably ramble on forever on how awesome I think they are, not only as musicians but just as people and friends.  This was my 8th Mucca Pazza concert since I first found out about them last June.  I have still yet to see a better live show.  (However, there aren’t too many shows that I’ll 1) dance that much, 2) make faces at the musicians — and them joke back, and 3) shout “I LOVE YOU RONNIE!!”)

During my own show — our debut show at that — I can attest that, again, the audience can make the show.  Tony said that you can have a crap performance but all killer audience, or you can play perfectly, but if the audience is just sitting there the show just doesn’t cut it… I think if B hadn’t gotten people out and dancing during our first song, it would have been rough.  But having the audience get into the music just gave us that much more energy — and I for one am very grateful.  In addition to having the audience out dancing and just showing their enjoyment, seeing my friends in the audience was a total treat.  To have their support means a lot.

So as I said last time, if you love the band, if you like their music… show it.  Have a blast, dance, cheer, shout… The musicians will love you for it — again, remember my warning about being a drunken dickwad… After the show, if you see one of the musicians, just a “hey, great job tonight” goes a long way.