there's been an increase of pink in my life

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Last weekend, before the tweetup, I decided to change the hair up a bit more…  I’d done light pink (aka “cotton candy pink”) just recently, but determined that it wasn’t pink enough… Well, I think I’ve got it this time.

Talk to me a few years ago, and I don’t know if I would have believed I would be associated with so much pink.  Pink hair, pink iPod w/ blank and pink earbuds, pink monkey-face key cover, pink wallet, pink USB flash drive, pink scarf, pink curtains, pink candle holders, pink-backed personal business cards, pink blog, pink purse, pink shoes, pink clothes, pink mouthpiece, pink gloves, pink tights/leggings, pink sunglasses… Just an increasing amount of pink.  I mean, seriously.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m compensating for the fact that my favorite color truly is gray.  (No lie.)

Having pink in my hair has definitely made me a little more self-conscious.  Riding public transportation becomes a whole new adventure when your hair is practically glowing — which it will do under a blacklight…  (I can’t wait to test this!)  And now, when people’s looks linger a bit longer, I always assume it’s only because of my hair.

I’m definitely interested in seeing how this will effect my dating life.  I definitely got a fair number of emails after I first updated my profile on okc with the newer, pinker pictures.  But I’m wondering if it’s going to turn guys away… In my last serious relationship, he had a blue mohawk and some awesome chops — I thought it was hot.  (My hair at the time was apparently some shade of orange…)  I guess we’ll just have to see, but if a guy doesn’t want to date me just because I have some pink in my hair, then there’s a good chance I probably don’t really want to be with him either…