Single female seeking… (or: how to earn bonus points)

We all have our little lists of ideals and must haves for our potential mates… No sense in hiding it — admit it, you have at least 3 things you’re looking for in a partner.  For some people the list is completely make or break.  Others treat it more like guidelines.

I’m not about to get into what I am or not looking for at the moment.  Whenever I start to think “this is the type of guy I want”, someone comes around and surprises me.  Obviously, well, I’m still single at the moment, but still those surprises are nice.  Whether it’s a crazy former college rugby player, or a writer boy, or a drummer-gymnast-science teacher…

Anyway… I thought it’d be fun to look at some qualities that I’m interested in or would like, but aren’t necessarily seeking out…  A list of bonus points, if you will…  So for all you out there who are interested in me, don’t let this list deter you from seeking me out… You can still ask me out regardless of not having any the following characteristics.  Remember: I’m not actually looking for any of these things, but they can earn you some bonus points… Also, this is not a complete or definitive list of bonus points.  Surprise me.

  • Owning a dog or puppy
  • Letting me fuss over and play with said dog or puppy
  • Looking good with some scruff
  • Conditioning your beard, if you have one
  • Give good back rubs/massages
  • Being willing to give back rubs and massages… often…
  • Being willing to give hand and foot massage as well…
  • Willingness to come over on a whim just to cuddle
  • Occasionally pop in to work to say hey and grab some lunch (picnic at the lakefill maybe?)
  • Know the difference between a tastefully cute stuffed animal and something you only give a 5-year-old…
  • Willingness to sit and stare at animals all day (*cough*Iveneverbeentothebrookfieldzoo*cough*)
  • Know how to actually play with hair (and give head massages) … maybe if you ask nicely, Mennogirl will show you what I mean…
  • Enjoys running around a park in the rain every now and again…
  • being a musician/singer.. but not one that would critique or bash my own musical/singing ability (or lack thereof)

If you’d like to know about some of the other qualities I’m really looking for, you can just ask — or read around, I’m sure I’ve mentioned things somewhere…  What I’m more interested in… What are some things on your list?

Edit: I didn’t think about this before. Shame on me.  If you want to see the flipside to this, a list of my deal breakers… just check out this post from a few months ago: deal breakers (or: you’re hot, but what the f- is wrong with you?!)