I will, I won't, I.. I…

In keeping up with the last post about needing to chill out and breathe… I wanted to post this meme that I’d seen on a few other blogs.  I think it says a lot about a person in how they accept what they can or cannot do (and so on through the list)… I got a recent comments by a pretty awesome (and hot) person who was glad (and possibly impressed) that I was handling a current situation so well and with a positive attitude.  (Wow, talk about being vague.  I’ll give details and specifics soon.  Promise.)

Anyway… on with the meme…

I Can’t…

  • get anything near my eyes (contacts, eye drops, et cetera) without blinking excessively
  • whistle. not even remotely.
  • barely look at a picture of some bugs without freaking out
  • do a somersault (but I’ve got a good coach)
  • swim very well

I Can…

  • spend an entire day reading/tweeking/otherwise messing with html, css, and php
  • watch Shark Week over and over and over and over….
  • focus on the positive in most things in life
  • go an entire day without remembering to go to the bathroom

I Won’t…

  • drink beer unless I’m absolutely desperate
  • let myself waste my time and not be proactive in finding/maintaining employment
  • eat bell peppers or cilantro

I Will…

  • probably own more things than I would ever actually need
  • travel more
  • try to manage my finances better
  • take more time to think about grad school

I Shouldn’t…

  • buy more shoes for a while
  • let the pink fluffy brain goo take over
  • eat cookies, potato chips, and popsicles for dinner

I Should…

  • spend more time outdoors
  • spend more time writing
  • clean my apartment more often
  • finally put all of my clothes away/unpack the rest of my clothes
  • continue to enjoy things one day at a time

What’s on your list?

I also sort of want to put something on there somewhere about all this love I’ve got for my friends here in the blagosphere.  It still has yet to feel “right/normal/OK” to continue on with the routine since the meetup and to not see at least one blogger a day.  Luckily there’s a good group here in the city, so I know there will be more shenanigans to come.