Courting Rituals of the Geek*

So.  I’m smitten.  … like big-dopey-grin-on-my-face smitten.

I hadn’t actually wanted to write about it much, nor had I really gone into too much detail with my friends until recently**.  I mean, I meet guys, I get excited, it doesn’t work out, rinse, repeat.  However, this has been different in a very good way.  Still nothing official, it’s only been two dates.  But yeah, I really wanted to just let this one percolate with myself for a while.

So, without going into some big gushy rant about how amazing I think he is (I do, and he is), or about how hot he is (and he is), or any other little sickening “oh-my-gosh I’m so freaking happy” crap…. here’s just some highlights so far…

  • driving out to a bar that’s already had last call, just to spend 30 minutes with me… and then drive me home.
  • always opening the car door for me to get in.
  • iPhone apps talk, and playing with his half-naked weather chicks app…
  • “Big, beefy caveman”…. (though I think the original is “big, beefy, sexy caveman”)
  • making engine noises to make up for his prius (which is kinda sorta really awesome — both the car and the noises)
  • realizing that we both have full-sized beds for the same reason
  • kitties!
  • getting to facebook stalk him and see all his half-naked pictures (most of which are from when he’s drumming)
  • costumes/dress-up discussions
  • adorable excitable eyebrows
  • call-escorting me to the bus stop
  • talking about why parents shouldn’t get 14-year-olds puppies, and turning it into a discussion that my mom should have gotten me a boy toy (aka him — yes, he did the whole point-and-nod-to-himself thing…)
  • getting called “babesauce”
*I really wanted to call this “Mating Rituals of the Geek” … but well, we’re not quite to that part yet….
**Blagosphere friends excluded… (As far as I’m concerned, being open with the 20sb crowd is second nature.)