this will either be my best or worst decision

Okay, so there will be bigger decisions in my life to come… but this one is still pretty big.  So big it’s got my nerves all tweaked out, and while I just sit and smile and go along with the day, my insides are just going WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??!?!?

… yeah.  Um.  I quit my job. Wednesday is my last day.  And no, I don’t have something else lined up.

I have ideas of what I want to do… But well, ideas can’t pay the rent.  Ideas can’t feed me and the kittens.  Ideas can eventually turn into profitable opportunities… and that’s what I’m hoping for.  But as of right now.  I’ve got nothing in stone.  I’ve got a few potential clients, but no guarantee that I’ll have an income.  And it wasn’t until now that this is truly scaring the shit out of me.

Ultimately, I know I’ll be fine.  Things might not go the way I want them to, but things will be fine.  I’ll adjust, adapt, and make do.  (God, I sound so mature and adult like — you’d have no idea I have light pink Bull Terriers on my undies…)

Can I just scream out right now: HIRE ME!!!
seriously.  (please!)
I’m freaking talented, and I know I’m skilled.  I just want to be able to utilize my creativity and abilities and just earn some money for things I enjoy… (well, not all the things I enjoy… Rachel’s cut is still too high… Plus, there’s only one “client” I’m interested in…)

If you want to know what I can do for you, well, by Wednesday afternoon all you’ll have to do is go to my website,, and you can find a full range of skills and talents I offer.  Basically, my “What can I do for you” area that I’m developing/creating is my HIRE ME section.

And seriously, if you haven’t noticed.  I’m damn awesome (and damn cute).  You want to hire me.  You need to hire me.  It’s just that simple.