just a mild bit of craziness going on!

So, I was supposed to have this finished and wanted to post this yesterday morning.  But that didn’t happen.  So a lot more has gone on since I started this.  But I’m only going to write this through Friday night and leave Saturday out of this for now.  A lot of stuff has gone on and I’m working through how exactly to write about it all.

I never thought I’d have so much going on now that I’m not working 40-hours a week!  I can really thank BlogHer for almost all of it.  There’s also some other stuff, personal stuff I guess… but yeah.  It’s really hard to believe that I’ve only been out for just a couple days.

Well, here’s a run-down of what’s been going on in just those few days.

  • I went directly from my last day of work to a networking event hosted by Webgrrls.  It was interesting to meet a lot of really talent women (and one man!) and to get some great advice from people who’ve been freelancing for a while.  Not-to-mention meeting another 20sb girl, Rabbit White.
  • I had a little bit of drama.  Some not so happiness, which I guess started early on Wednesday… I’m still dealing with it.
  • Played Mario Kart with Rachel & Jenn (and Rachel’s husband, Dan) rather than going to a huge cocktail party (that had swag).  This game was improved by three-way conference call.  Seriously, so much yelling.  Um.  Needless to say, Rachel owned.
  • Met one of my neighbors.  Well, he’s about a 7-minute walk from my place.  But it was a good visit.
  • I made a good outfit choice for my debut at BlogHer.  Not only did I look good — and get some nice glances (and occasional stares) from guys and gals — but Rebekah was able to recognize my vest thanks to some “WHAT DO I WEAR” tweets.
  • Received SO MUCH free stuffs from the BlogHer sponsors at the expo hall.
  • Had another change in plans for the BlogHer parties…  And I really want to thank Justine from Brand About Town for extending me an invitation to join the Nintendo Enthusiast dinner.  Horse-drawn carriages to take us to the Hancock Building… A great dinner up in the Signature Room on the 95th floor — and even more spectacular views of the city than I could even imagine… I got to spend the evening with my amazing friends and some really awesome other women.  Not to mention a great surprise at the end of the evening.  I am so very grateful for the opportunity to join this event and to be able to stay with my friends that evening rather than going off to parties by myself.  I was so taken aback, that I had tears in my eyes.  Top it off with another carriage ride back to the hotel with my friends.. Perfect evening.