Barnyards, Barricades, and Balkans

So it’s the 4th Tuesday of the month… and normally I’d be at the studio by now for band practice. However, I’m obviously not there. The flu is stupid.

Missing band practice generally isn’t a big deal.  We meet twice a month and we realize that life happens.  But we’ve got a show next week.  That’s right, next week.  And this show is sort of a biggie.

We’re joining with some other bands and a DJ to put together a little show for you…  All of the proceeds will be benefiting Dennis Dixon, an amazing Chicago activist who was attacked on the transit system in late June.  He was hospitalized with some major injuries without insurance.  The mere $10 you pay to see 3 bands and dance your ass off with a DJ will help over Dennis’ living expenses.

If you’re in the area… you should definitely check us out!

From my awesome bandmate, David:

Hello Friends,

On Thursday, September 3, starting at 8:30 p.m., some of Chicago’s great performers will be coming together to support activist and musician Dennis Dixon with some dance and some noise.

DJ Jacob Ross will get your feet twitchin’;
Renegade Brass Brigade (I’ll have trumpet in hand) will rouse you to the barricades;
Golden Horse Ranch Band will have you swingin’ your neighbor with a dosey-doh;
Black Bear Combo will get a whole lot of folks in a frenzy.

The cost is $10, proceeds going to Dennis’ living expenses in this period just out of the hospital.

Would be great to see you there!