beauty is…

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beauty is…

  • laughing with friends
  • eating chicken wings (and turkey legs) without caring
  • playing with your hair
  • lounging in sweatpants
  • dancing in your underwear
  • sharing cupcakes
  • quick smiles
  • taking silly/awkward pictures of yourself

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There are women out there who feel that they need certain clothes or to wear make up to be pretty.  Yes, I do wear make up (less now) and I do like to dress nicely (again, less more so — which has more to do with laundry)… but I still feel just as damn awesome and damn cute in my jeans and Meatitarian tshirt.  It just gets frustrating some times when I keep hearing and keep reading posts and tweets from women who don’t feel pretty without getting all dolled up…  It reinforces that ideal…

You know what I say to that, F that.  Be beautiful, just the way you are.  Who cares if you don’t have make up on or if you’re just in jeans & tshirt!  Rock it.

Right now, I do feel beautiful.  My hair’s pulled up — a sign that I’m bored with it — and it needs to be recolored.  I’m still in my pajamas — actually, more than my pajamas seeing as I put on sweatpants and a sweater…  I didn’t shower today, and lord knows I haven’t put on make up for over a week.  Still beautiful.  Awkward pictures and all.

So, now, you… Beauty is…