euphonium rockstar

Last night’s concert went well.  Playing at the Hideout seemed all big and scary previously.  I mean, dude, Mucca Pazza plays there — heck, at least one of them works there too (hi Jeff!).

So, nerves aside, um, I rocked last night.  As did the other 13-15 people in my band — I’ve yet to stop to count how many of us there were that night.  I think 15 was our guesstimate.  That includes Maestro Messing too.

I have to say, I’ve got some very talented musician friends in that group.  Like, crazy talented.  And standing there with them, well, I don’t give myself much credit.  My musical education was lacking.  I don’t know most of the major-minor-diminished-whatever scales.  Sight reading isn’t my strong suit.  And improving and soloing? Yeah, you can forget that.  I was taught how to be a little performing monkey.  We worked on the same songs growing up and we had them perfected.  They’re the same songs the middle school band still plays.

My bandmates know better than to ask me to solo…  It’s sort of a joke now.  Euphonium solo?  HA. YEAH. RIGHT.  I’ll just go back to my  oom-pahs now.

But, honestly… I wish I had that musical ability.  I know I don’t suck.  I’m over that.  Especially after Mark called me an asshole for my bad band attitude.  But, I want to solo.  I want a little euphonium rockstar spot light.  I’d like a little more than just off-beats.  It’s part of the reason why I was planning on arranging some pieces that I could sing on… I may not be confident on my horn, but — given some pep talks and liquid encouragement — I can get my rockstar moment singing a little…

Anyway.  It’s mostly an ego thing I think.  And as a euphonium player, I’m quiet used to this…  Personally, I think Tabs and Ert should get a shot at a tuba solo.  That and I’m still fighting for a bongo solo.

So, um, I don’t have any pictures or videos from last night… hopefully someone does.  If I come across them, I’ll post them.  But we rocked last night.  And I looked hot.  Just FYI.

ALSO: Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Dennis Dixon!  It’s an amazing community around him, and seeing so many people come out to help this amazing Chicago activist in his time of need has been truly… well, awesome.
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