hold up, did yesterday actually happen?

Okay, so I know yesterday was 09-09-09…. but did that account for the awesomeness yesterday, or did yesterday just rock?

1. Beatles Rock Band came out. I almost feel like I’ve been raised on the Beatles.  My mom has been a fan for ages (hell, that’s her generation.. ish), so being a small child and having Beatles paraphernalia around the house was nothing unusual.  Beatles mugs, throw blankets, sheet music, VHS movies… Soon it turned into figurines, a music box figurine, a Linda McCartney photograph, and numerous tshirts.  Oh course we had a lot of the albums on CD too, and I started getting their movies on DVD for my mom.  Last year? Beatles Monopoly.
So, I can’t afford Beatles Rock Band just yet — and yes, I’d want the complete set, all the guitars and everything.  But I’m hopeful that one day it’ll be in my home.

2. I ate a bacon cupcake. Seriously.  Okay, so it’s a buttermilk spice cupcake with maple syrup infused in it, with a maple buttercream frosting, and caramelized bacon on top.  I’ve seen these at Phoebe’s all summer, and two of my friends had tried them on cupcake dates.  But Lovely and I had steered towards the other ones (mostly the weekly specials).  But I was going on a cupcake date with a dude who’s pretty much obsessed with bacon.  If it came to bacon or sex, I’m not sure which he’d choose.  But yeah.  I ate a bacon cupcake, and it was good.

3. I met another blogger. I had heard little bits about this person, Frank of Frank (Slept Here), via his older sister Rachel.  I didn’t know much about him, other than how to destroy him and um, yeah, this kid likes bacon.  My first interaction with him was one of the weekly Mario Kart games… I seem to remember hitting him with multiple red shells… right before he tried to cross the finish line.  It was kinda awesome.

4. I made out with said blogger.  Hehe.  Um.  Yeah.  Also awesome.

So yeah.  That whole, “I sort of have a little bit of a crush on someone… and I honestly don’t care if it develops into anything” thing, um.. totally lying.  Very happy dinosaur right now.  Frank’s pretty awesome.

I woke up this morning and just sort of pondered over all of that… Did it really just happen?  But well, given the messages in my inbox, I’m sure it did.  And well, if anyone wants to, um, donate, a complete Beatles Rock Band set (or hell, any part of it — beggars can’t be choosers, right?)… You know where to find me… (At Jenn’s playing her copy! or, oh yeah, enjoying some time with a bacon-loving guy…)