joining Mucca Pazza in the Danger Zone!

Saying this weekend was full of win would be an understatement.

Possibly one of the biggest highlights of this weekend/ever would be running off to the land of beer and cheese with one of my favorite bands, Mucca Pazza.

They had some cancellations and needed someone to sell merchandise for them.  I got the call on Thursday at about noon, agreed, and found myself at the studio the next day at 9a.  After some running around, the van was loaded, and I was in a car with 3 Muccas (Elanor, Steiny, and Jeff) and we were on the road!

The band was performing at UW-Madison (a parade and then a concert by the lake), and then again the next day in Milwaukee.  I’d been to Madison once before, even the student union, but that was before school started and it was practically deserted.  That was not the case this weekend.

However, despite the crowd, having downtime by the lake was great.  I took the time to play a little Mario Kart on my DSi for a bit, and also relaxing with some of the band…  Others took the time to enjoy the lake before the show…

[singlepic id=105 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Nick & Steiny canoeing…

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The concerts were amazing.  But really, I find that to be expected with a MP show.  I always have a great time, they’re always entertaining, and I always leave more in love with the band than before.  It’s just a given that Mucca Pazza rocks.  Sitting at the merch table, I didn’t have the best view of the band.  Not to mention the whole being distracted by people wanting to buy stuff.  A very welcome distraction.  I kept a tally going of how much we’d sold, but after the show that was impossible.

[singlepic id=108 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The festival in Milwaukee had merch people for everyone there… leaving not that much for me to do during the show.  Typically, I’d do what I always do at Mucca Pazza shows — get right up front and dance my ass off.  However, I did something strange and completely out of character.  I stayed near the back, in the sound booth with Elliot.  I still got to see them rock out, but also got to get an amazing crash refresher course in live sound.  (Last time I did audio? Probably high school… But I was the production director and on-air talent for WGCS a few years ago…)

Anyway.  The weekend was awesome.  I saw so much of Mucca Pazza.  SO MUCH.  Seriously.  Also, I smelled a lot of Mucca Pazza… I mean, I love them, but yeah, that wool-polyester blend combined with sweaty band nerds?  Eh, wow.   But even with the fresh smell of marching band, the weekend was great.  They’re great people and just a load of fun.  I can’t wait to see them again.

Oh, if you’re wanting all the dirty, stinky details of Mucca Pazza behind the scenes… well… You’ll just have to hang out with them yourself!  I will admit though, they joke a lot, sing a good deal, and they can definitely drink.  (But hey, I held my own with my four or so things of whiskey… until Justin accidentally tossed my cup across the rooftop patio — they were a more than a shot, but then again, hotel cups are great for measuring.  And no hangover.)  They’re just awesome and I truly enjoyed myself this weekend.  Not to mention I’ll probably have “Danger Zone” stuck in my head for a week.

Oh, yeah, and I found batman.
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I had a great little “welcome back” from that trip too… 😉  Just another highlight from this weekend…