in just one year…

So yeah, it came to my attention yesterday that one year ago today, I decided to start a new blog.  It didn’t originally have this name, in fact, I think it went through 3 names before Wench.

Turns out my blog isn’t the only one celebrating today — Jamie’s celebrating 2 years over at Oh! How Lovely.  (Congrats Jamie!)

In just one year, you’ve been with me through quite a bit.  Made a lot of quality friends, online and off.  Went to a lot of shows.  Quit a job.  Crushed on a lot of guys.  Got rejected a l0t.  Dealt with the kittens.  Got a new sister.  Moved to a new apartment.  Got drunk.  Danced.  Ate a lot of cupcakes.  … and a whole lot more.  And not in that order.

It’s been really awesome.  And though I’m contemplating a new design, the pink dinosaurs and I will be around for a while.