a case of the…

It feels like my self-esteem has been up and down lately.  Most days it’s up.  I generally feel pretty awesome about myself, which is kind of a cool feeling.

But sometimes it’s just down.  There’s not one thing that I don’t feel happy with, but just a general, overall not so great feeling.  Not having something to pin down this negative feeling, it makes things a little challenging.  It’s harder to give yourself a pep talk when you can’t figure out what you’re not happy with or about.

I wouldn’t say that I’m depressed.  At least not currently.  And hopefully not again any time soon.  But I know that the next week, and possibly the whole month will be hard.  I’ll get through it though.  I’ve got a great support network of family, friends, kittens, and cupcakes.

(I’ve already had two cupcakes today… and the kittens have been providing some great entertainment this evening.)