do what you love

This weekend I attended the Gals Guide Summit.  It was a really great day of information, anecdotes, and meeting some really awesome women.

During both the money/financial panel and the career panel, I heard a constant familiar theme: Do what you love, love what you do.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard that, or something very similar.  It’s an amazing concept.  I know it was something that as an idealistic soon-to-be-college graduate, I heard a lot.  But now, mixed in with that message, just over 2 years out of college, I’m getting: take a job, any job — just find some sort of job.

As I’m sitting here, going into my third month of unemployment, I feel very torn.  I don’t want to settle for some job I’m going to hate, or even one I’m not going to look forward to.  What kind of employee am I going to be if I don’t want to be there?  But how long can I hold out for a job I’ll enjoy?  I am applying to jobs I’ll like — just recently I applied to a local toy store and am beyond excited about that possibility.

I am a person with a lot of passions.  I love audio engineering, web design, writing, editing, video production, wildlife, education, event planning, stage managing, music, organizing and arranging, networking, technical theater, sharing my joy for books, games, food, pretty much anything, I love decorating, cooking, design, layout, anything geeky, cupcakes… the list could continue for a very long time.  With so many interests and passions, surely, surely I could find something, right?

What I lack in experience in some areas (I mean, I do have 11 years of web design, 7 years of video, 8-9 years of writing/editing…) .. what I lack in experience, I completely make up in willingness to learn, passion, and just ability to pick things up.  A lot of my skills I’ve taught myself.  I never took a film class in college, but I was the Associate Producer for an award-winning documentary.  When I did take a web design class, I was also the class’s tutor.  Unfortunately, it feels like everyone is still seeking experience, rather than giving someone the opportunity to learn.

Sometimes I wonder, what am I not doing right?  How can I take one of those many things that I love, and turn it into a career?

Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.