small regrets.

I try not to let myself have too many regrets.  If I have control over a situation, then I need to take ownership of my actions and my choices.

Now, I’m not going to make this a deep post, and I’ll probably steal that intro and actually do a post on the subject…. but nonetheless, I do have one regret from this weekend:

I regret not taking pictures of my family and I at the apple orchard.

I had a lot of fun with them, ate a couple apples, skipped over puddles, and giggled with my niece… but I do wish I have photos of that day.

It’s hard choosing between just enjoying the moment and being in the moment, as opposed to enjoying the memory and being behind the lens.  I feel like I lose a lot when I focus on taking pictures.  But at the same time, I value a lot of my pictures that I have.

I was only at my dad’s for basically a day, but in that day I could have gotten photos of the orchard — “test” apples, my brother climbing trees, my dad and stepmom holding hands in the parking lot… playing Wii with my siblings, my niece playing the DS Lite that I gave my brother… my niece when she just about passed out on my brother (who was passed out in the chair)…

There are other memories I wish I had photos of… but I’m okay with my faulty camera in my mind…