paid to be a big kid.

So, if you’re not following me on twitter (@erinichristine), or are lucky enough to be my friend on Facebook… you might not know this…

You know how I briefly mentioned that I had a job interview, and then a second interview… well…
I got the job!

In fact, yesterday was my first day.  It was crazy, and fun, and I came home very exhausted and pretty much just slept until about 10a this morning.

I’m working at a local toy store, it happens to have two locations (and I’ll be working at both) and a small staff.  I’m not going to give out much identifying information about it, but I will just say, one of the locations is close enough I can walk to work.  In fact, taking a bus might be silly.

Working retail for a small business means I’m doing much more than just selling toys.  I’m helping with inventory, pricing things (well, using a price gun to put price stickers on things), organizing displays, cleaning, taking out the trash, and even picking up lunches.  In fact, besides for cleaning and actually doing inventory (though I carried a lot of stuffs up and down stairs), I did all that plus feed the frogs and paint some blocks during my first day.  Oh, and got to say hi to a pretty chill dog who visited the store.  (Yeah, we allow dogs in our store. I get my toy fix and my puppy fix? Um, awesome.)

I think the highlight of my first day was when I was organizing the animal figuring display, and a young girl came up to check them out and I got to talk to her about animals.  I got to teach her about how humpback whales sing to each other and about horseshoe crabs…  I love wildlife and want to instill that passion in others — seeing her get exited about it made me more excited.  It reinforced my desire to want to volunteer at Shedd or LP Zoo.

Anyway.  I’m really excited about this job.  Even though it’s “just retail” it’s going to be very rewarding.  And dude, I work with toys all day!

Seriously… OMG WE HAVE LEGOS! OMG DINOSAURS!!!!!  yeah, it’s like that every day.