For the simple fact that I don’t want my blog to sit at “I’m lonely.” any longer, I’m bringing you a list.

It’s not more tips or advice.  Just plain facts.  Just in plain fun.

  • I am thoroughly enjoying my job, though I’ve got to admit it does wear me out.
  • I’m still going to have to mind my budget for a while.  Just because I have a job and now an income, it doesn’t mean everything’s a-ok on the financial front.
  • There are some days, some moments, where things are just good.  When you think, this is how things should be.  (Maybe not forever, maybe not with all those components and pieces, but still that’s how it should be.)  You just got to hold on to them when you can.
  • I had one of those moments the other night.
  • I played piano for someone, with someone, for the first time in a very, very long time.  It was scary, but it was fun.  (other things I hate to admit: I don’t have the most self confidence, and yes, stage fright is still a big thing.)
  • I told my manager we couldn’t be friends because he doesn’t like pulled pork, and just in general barbeque.