baby don't go… (or: we'll always have mario kart…)

So.  I’ve had a lot of fun in the past week.  A lot.

But this weekend I did something, albeit awesome and fun, that I wasn’t looking forward to (well, yes, I was, but not what it meant).

This weekend, a small, but spectacularly awesome (if I do say so myself) group of people gathered to say goodbye to our wonderfully awesome Jenn — our own Awesome Face.

No.  She’s not dead.  The interwebs would probably break and even Chuck Norris would cry if that happened.  (It might only be one tear, but he’d be all a mess inside.)  Currently, he’s a little vaclempt… but he’s holding up sportingly.  Our Jenn is moving.  All the fracking way across the country. Yeah.

As these things are, they’re bittersweet.  You’re excited for all the new possibilities for them, but you’re also damn selfish and sad because you want to keep them here.  But I’m pulling out a jar and starting to collect my nickels and dimes so I can fly out there to visit.  We’ve had a lot of great Chicago memories and I’m excited about creating some west coast fun.  (Not has she already had celebrity sightings at work, but she gets a slide too.)

Anyway.  Saturday was a great night.  And I’m very glad I was there.

[singlepic id=112 w=240 h=320 float=center]
Yeah, even Tim Gunn showed up to say goodbye…*

I need to go stock up on stamps and postcards now….

*okay, maybe not.  But we did have cake.  A just a lot of fun.