because you need more me in your life.

So, about a month ago I decided to test out Tumblr.  I’d heard various things about it, and even looked into it a while ago, when it first sort of exploded… but I didn’t think much of it.  I wasn’t interested in it.  At all.

Now?  Um, mildly turning into a tumblr addict.  I have about… 5.  I have one for reviews, and even one I wanted to use for my videos…. But I haven’t used those as much.  But I do have two which you should know about.  I’ve added them to my sidebar, where you may have noticed they replaced my blogroll (which has its own page now, titled “the interwebs” – link on the upper left).


pink dinosaurs

This catches a lot of the run off that wouldn’t normally be here on Wench.  Smaller clips that wouldn’t get a full post, explanations that weren’t included, and it even ties my tweets and facebook into the mix.



This is a collaboration that I started and love.  Six of my beautiful and amazing friends have joined me in sharing all the things that make us say OMG WANT.  For as young as this group blog is, I’ve really been enjoying it.  And of course, I’m wanting it to keep grouping.  So even though there is an awesome group of gals blogging with me, I’m looking to add a couple guys into the mix.

Anyway.  So I definitely think you check them out, because, um yeah hi. I’m awesome.