not dead.

Nope.  Not dead.  My internet was for almost a week though.  And that sucked balls.
(there’s a reason I won’t get rid of my data plan on my phone…)

Anyway.  The toy store continues to be awesome.  I enjoy my coworkers, can generally deal with the kids better than most of the parents, and have gotten my own webkinz account — hey, it’s product research.  Need to know what I’m selling.  Which, yes, has lead me to playing a few games (and defeating my manager in farkle on my first day, he denies it).  I’ve also read a few books too.  I’m finding favorites.  Like Pigs Make Me Sneeze.  It’s pretty much could have been a scene out of Lovely Anomaly’s and my own friendship.  I recommend it if you need a minute or two to kill.

As far as relationship stuff goes… I went on a date, and of course haven’t heard much from him since… This is becoming fairly typical, so it’s not phasing me as much.  I’m also apparently casually dating a couple different guys.  Yes, one of them is indeed the Boy.

Lastly, I’ve had some things on my mind… and not sure how to deal with them online… Generally I’m really open with things here, but I’m still figuring out how I want to handle this.  I want to be open about it, and to have a place to express myself, but I don’t want to seem passive aggressive (or more so than this is feeling…)  Anyway.  I’ve at least had Lovely, who’s heard quite of bit of what’s going on… And I appreciate her so freaking much.

But ultimately, what you need to know… I’m not dead.