Aural-gasm: My Gold Mask giveaway.

I cannot live without music.

Okay. Hyperbole. But I seriously never want to attempt to live without music.

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll notice there’s two bands in particular I’ve been talking about a lot the past year.  Both of them are Chicago bands comprised of absolutely amazing musicians.  I have so much love for these bands, it simply cannot be contained.  Therefore, I’ve decided to have a giveaway so that I can share some of my love for one of the bands with you.

Aural-gasm: My Gold Mask

As my treat to you, in what is the first of hopefully a great collection of Aural-gasm giveaways, is kicking it off with not only one of my favorite Chicago bands, but one of my favorite bands of all time: My Gold Mask.

This two-person kick ass ensemble is hauntingly beautiful; the combination of Gretta’s vocals and percussion, along with Jack’s guitar (and also his complimenting vocals) is… well, perfect.  I haven’t found any other group quite like them.  Top it off with the duo being just simply awesome people — seriously, I love going to shows not only to hear them, but because I enjoy spending time with them too.

So, what do you get?

1- My Gold Mask cassette tape.
It’s their self-titled album. Limited edition. Seriously, it’s numbered.  (You’re getting #71/100.)

2 –My Gold Mask download card.
because some people might not have a cassette player…

What you need to do…
(only #1 is required. the rest are optional suggestions for more entries.)

1- leave a comment.
tell me about one of your favorite local bands, if you don’t have one… then your favorite band you wish everyone knew about, even if it means sharing them.

2- tweet about it.  .. then leave a comment.
tweet about a band you stumbled upon accidentally and fell in love with, or any other music related post. And yeah, I’d like it if you linked back to this post.

3- donate to any charity of your choosing, even if for another contest, and again, leave a comment.
Honor system guys. Just let me know which charity, and why too if you want but it’s not necessary.  And you know what, you get 5 more entries for this.

I’m going to put everyone’s name into a spreadsheet, and make it available in google docs, then use that number picker generator thing other people have used for contests to pick a winner.  Your first comment without any other actions counts as one, you can tweet up to twice a day about it, and donate as many times as you want.

You have until (US) Thanksgiving – midnight (CST).  I’ll announce a winner the following Monday.

I’m thankful for awesome music, by stellar people who are genuinely great and truly talented.  I’m thankful for friends who introduce me to new bands, and who inspire me to pay it forward.  Hopefully you’ll do the same and we can keep sharing some amazing music.

Just so you can get a taste of them, I’ll be posting some videos from their most recent concert this weekend (or feel free to click on their tag for previous concert videos)…


the boring stuff… the cassette tape and download card were purchased at a discounted rate for the sole purpose of this giveaway.  I do indeed have consent from the band to do this giveaway as well.