unmentionables: (where I talk about my underwear, again.)

I like underwear. Let’s just get that out there in the open. I also have a lot. A lot. And a variety too. But most fall into the “fun” category with the next being “sexy”, then others which, well, honestly are for “womanly times of the month”. (What? You other women know you have those pairs too! We all keep them hidden away until we need them, but we’ve all got them!)

Anyway. When I go out, I tend to put some sort of thought behind my underwear selection. I tend to pick my panties based on a few factors:

  • mood
  • location/where I’m going/what I’ll be doing
  • people/who I might see

Or a combination of any or all of those. Regardless, I don’t just reach in a drawer and pull out a pair. (I keep mine in a basket in my closet.)

A lot of times, my choices go unappreciated by anyone other than myself. But it still makes me feel good/confident/sexy every time I pick out a pair. Even more so when I match it with one of the few sexy bras I’ve got. (Hey, they’re more expensive. Or at least good ones are, which is what I’ll choose for 98% of the time.)

I guess it’s just a bonus if someone else gets to enjoy it too.

*I may or may not have been wearing this combination at some point which may or may not have been tonight…