There were some things I didn’t say on the phone, because at the time I thought it wasn’t worth it… but have since changed my mind.

I saw us as more than friends, thus “seeing each other”… and as we were also both seeing other people too, “open relationship” was really all that I could see to describe it. The way we interacted didn’t make it feel like a fling. Friends with benefits maybe would have been more appropriate.  I never considered you to be my boyfriend or that we were really dating.

It’s all semantics, unfortunately.

Anyway.  Yes, I wrote that you make me really happy.  And that’s damn true.  But that’s because in any type of “relationship” I keep, it’s based on a foundation of friendship.  We’re still going to be friends, I’m still going to be friends with [her].  The main thing that’s going to change is that I’m going to be less physical — obviously. 🙂  But I’m physical person (even if I toned it down in college), and a hugger.  So expect hugs still — just like I hug a lot of my friends, especially if I don’t see them often.

Mostly I want you to know that yes, I’m fine.  And yes, I’m going to blog about this too (for clarity for my readers).  (In fact, I’ll probably just copy-paste-edit this email…)

Hope you have a good day, great shows (break a leg!), and I’ll talk to you later.  🙂


The Musician and I had a talk today… and afterward I sent this email.

He’s now dating, exclusively, my friend (mentioned in the previous post).  And yes. I am okay with this.