some thoughts.

So every so often I try to page through my past… just see how far and where I’ve come from…  Mostly I tend to do this with my relationship history.   Well, at times certain situations remind me of various people and then I’m strolling back through the labyrinth that’s become memory lane.

So I was wondering… maybe I should just put it to paper (or pixels).  What do you think, dear internets?  Should I actually make a list of my past? I mean, I’m not concerned with the number of boyfriends I’ve had at this point (I think I’m at 14-15 since my first when I was 13).  But of hook ups and dates and all that?   Last year was a big year.  I almost get dizzy thinking about who what I did in 2009.

Anyway.  Any point in doing this?  … I know of course if I do make this, you’ll probably want to see it.  Thoughts, please?