confession: (my pre-dream about Nicopolitan)

So before I fall asleep at night my mind wonders like crazy… Typically I try to focus it a bit but really it’s sort of up to it’s own devises. It’s not a true pure dream… more of a “pre-dream”…

Last night, as the case has been before, it was about planning blog posts… but this one was a little different… it was focused on some guys from 20sb. A few I had flirted with drunkenly, another I had chatted with and the conversation turned to us sleeping together [all of this true by the way]… and then… a twist… a little confession of mine… that given the opportunity… there was one* male blogger I’ve met that, yeah, I’d sleep with.

Not to make things awkward with this friend, but I’m going to spill the beans. None other than Nicopolitan.

The blog post went on to talk about how appreciated I’d been about his help with my blog… then the 20sb Chicago meetup and the “where’s Nico?” (which wasn’t as bad as the “Where’d DShan go??” from that meetup)… to just him being awesome.

Anyway. The pre-dream sort of went off from there, Dream Nico and I decided that the next time we met up, it’d happen. And of course being the bloggers that we are, we’d have to blog about it… So we get a gal (I think it might have been Rachel) to come in for the most awkward photo session ever — which really, in the pre-dream was basically the most hilarious thing ever. Nothing was shown that shouldn’t have been. Mostly a staged “after” photo with both of us disheveled in my bed, both of us restrained by one arm in my fuzzy cuffs, and Dream Nico smoking. And then we decided to vlog about it. Again, just an “after” conversation. Which had a lot of me hiding.. “What are doing down there?!” “I’m looking for my contact.” “YOU DON’T WEAR CONTACTS!” … remember, pre-dream as it may be, I was still decently out of it… it’s like a tv show in your head.

Anyway. Yeah. So I had a pre-dream about Nico.

*There are undoubtly more than just one male blogger I’ve met that I’d probably be willing to sleep with… but I haven’t dreamed or pre-dreamed about them.. as of yet.

[originally posted at Pink Dinosaurs.]