A call to all of those who are Absolutely Amazing & Awesome:

Yesterday, my beautiful friend, Lovely Anomaly and I decided to start a club. One that welcomes all, and whose sole purpose is spreading self-affirmation and celebrating one’s own amazingness and awesomeness.

This is how it went down:
Lovely: We should start a new club. Triple A. Absolutely Amazing & Awesome.
And thus it was. (Okay, there was more conversation after that… but that’s how it was created.)

We want you to realize that yes you are indeed Absolutely Amazing & Awesome. We believe that you need to see that in yourself before you can go out and conquer the world.

So, are you Absolutely Amazing & Awesome? Join Us!
All you need to do is ask. Or really, just let us know in some form. (The only reason Lovely and I say ask is because we absolutely love affirming people’s awesomeness and saying “YES! You’re in!”) You can find us on twitter at @lovelyanomaly and @erinichristine. We want to know who you are! We want to join you in celebrating the amazing and awesome person that you are.

As this club grows, trust us, they’ll be some amazing & awesome things in store. (I mean, of course!) For now though, tweet us! Let us know that yes, you are indeed Absolutely Amazing & Awesome. And if you’ve got a site, we’ve got a little treat for you:

Use these to let others know. (And please link back to this post so others can join too!)

It’s not being cocky, it’s celebrating you for all that you are. (But be forewarned, we won’t stand for douchebaggery or any sort of tyrant bitchery. But this is an honor code system.)

So, ask yourself, are you Absolutely Amazing & Awesome?

The Official Triple-A Twitter List
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