you want towel?  …  you want mint for pillow?

Okay, for the first time in a while, this actually feels like a Monday.  And well, as the start of the week, I feel like I need to do some organizing and thought gathering and just some general housekeeping.  (and please tell me you get the reference above.)

  • 2010: Year of the Cupcake – I’ve been slacking at starting this.  Which, yes, is totally lame because, hi.. CUPCAKES.  I have indeed consumed my first (second, third, and fourth) cupcakes for the year.  However, I’m not counting them for YotC.  I do however have a great bakery picked out for my first trip and am very excited about visiting them this week.
  • Some personal news – I don’t want to talk about work too much, but I had to share this… I got a promotion!  I know I just got this job, but I’ve already been promoted to Assistant Manager.  Feel free to congratulate me with cookies, cupcakes, drinks, or meals.
  • Triple-A – still going steadily…  We also have a facebook group now that you can join (this is just a way for us to sort of be able to see all the members at once.)  I’m going to continue working with Lovely about maybe a giveaway… and I’d like to work with 20sb on some projects too.
  • BOYS. – okay this is the update that you all (*cough*cmigs*cough*) want.  I am going to be working on The List post(s?) during my days off this week.  (When I’m not finishing freelance work.)  I know you’re all dying to know about the Macedonian (*cough*cmigs*cough*)… However, while, yes, I still talk to him some, there’s someone else.  I’ve been reconnecting with someone from my past (from college, not a previous hookup or relationship or anything).  Well, let’s just say it’s been the highlight of a lot of things (weeks, days.. yeah..) .. And I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this could go — however, he’s not in Chicago… so…
  • Grad school – I know I talked about living your dreams… and wanting to apply to the MA in Zoology… but with the promotion, I’ve been going back and forth about whether I should apply for this year.  Classes would start in the summer.  I might see if there’s any conservation or environmental education courses I can take online this year…  I need to find a way to work full time and still get this degree.

Anyway… said guy from above is IMing me… and I have an email from him that’s burning a hole in my inbox (MUST READ NOOOOWWWW!)… so…. sorry… BOY.