Okay, outside of being redundant, this is going to be all about me.  (Yeah, I know, when isn’t this about me?)

Anyway.  This whole being in charge of the toy store thing is really eating up a lot of my time.  I’ll get used to the schedule eventually, but this is my first week of open-to-close by myself.  Not to mention, I’m paired up with a girl who’s been there longer than I have, but yet I’m the one who got the promotion… yeah…

So.  Not that I don’t think you wouldn’t ask unprompted anyway… I’m going to ask you to ask me anything.  Seriously.  I want to say that no topic is off the table, but there are one or two things I may choose to not answer for the moment.  But ask regardless.

You can either ask here… or via
I’ll collect them for a few days or so, and then post the responses.  Maybe we’ll make this a monthly thing or something… maybe not.

So yes.  Ask me anything.  Heck, Jaron’s going to be here in a few days, if you want to ask him anything*, go for it.  I’ll make him answer while he’s here.

*I mean, he is the only guy I’m interested in… so… yeah.