mission: FIESTA!!

This one’s for you, Pham.

So, a friend of mine, Phampants, and his friend Karen are on a mission…
This awesome duo has been working for weeks putting together a youtube video.  Why?  They have one dream*: To become Ford Fiesta Agents.

Seriously.  It’s true.  Watch:

Watch it.  Fav it.  Share it.  Seriously.

All I ask, Pham, is that you give me rides!  Oh! And bring back cupcakes from the places you visit!  What? …  Fine.   But I will have at least one cupcake related trip for the two of you to take for  2010: Year of the Cupcake.

You should also tweet**, facespace it, and pretty much any other social media you can think of.  Let’s clog the interweb tubes with Pham.  Well, don’t clog it so much I can’t function.  I have a super awesome weekend to plan.***

Check out Pham’s post for more info.

*Okay, maybe they have more than one dream… but really… they have one dream….

**Suggestions for tweets: “I think John & Karen should be Fiesta agents cause they are awesome http://tr.im/MGQ3 @fordfiesta.  #fiestamovement” or you know, you’re smart, you can come up with clever tweets supporting them too.  🙂