You asked…

And now I’ll answer!

A couple days ago I sought you out and had you ask any questions you might have for me.  This led to an interesting conversation… plus a handful of questions from a handful of you.

I love cupcakes! Where is your favorite cupcake from and what is it?
Quite possibly my favorite cupcake is the Watermelon cupcake from Phoebe’s in Boystown.  It’s a little sweet, but not sickeningly so (Lovely might debate me on this).  The cake, like all of Phoebe’s has a great consistancy, not to dense not too crumbly, and it has a great light frosting.  I also love the Lemon, Bleeding Heart Raspberry, and Rootbeer float cupcakes — all from Phoebe’s.  Basically, besides for the red velvet, Phoebe’s hasn’t made a cupcake I haven’t loved and they have the best prices in town for gourmet cupcakes — that I’ve seen at least.  (I’m a tiny bit of a red velvet snob.)

What is your opinion on love?
It’s awesome.

Okay.  I thought I was in love once.  I thought I was with the person who I would marry.  And I was wrong.  But I’m 100% okay with that.  He and I weren’t right for each other and we both know that.

I love a lot.  But the love it takes for that real true deep love… well, I’m looking forward to the day it comes into my life.  I won’t rush it.

What do you like about Jaron?
A lot.  Okay.  You should know I haven’t seen him in five years.  Nor have we actually talked in at least five years as well.  We weren’t close in college.  We just had a lot of mutual friends, which was common since it’s a small school.

But if you’re looking for a list — which is only going to feed his ego more… (Jaron, did you ask this one??)  … It’s a lot of small things, plus some big ones.  Things I appreciate:  We have the same views/loathing of cilantro, and we both have reactions to it (so it’s more than the “it taste gross”); we have some other similar food preferences; the similar ability to just appreciate things for what they are; he writes super long email responses to my super long emails; he’s nerdy; he built a computer in a fish tank!; he’s got confidence, and I would dare to say he’s willing to put his ego/image aside to just have fun (something I still have issues with); we have similar values, similar love of travel…  But you know what?  He makes me happy.  I have a huge smile on my face.  And I can’t wait to see him in… about three and half hours…

Why do you call yourself ‘wench’?
It all started in 2004.  I was working at Cedar Point in a saloon.  I was supposed to be a hostess, but ended up serving a lot of times.  I also “bartended” some.  Anyway.  The joke with my college friends was that I was going to be a Beer Wench for the summer.  From that summer I’ve used “wench” for things like bowling names.  And going through tons of blog titles Wench just stuck.  Oh.  And I like pirates.

How do you pronounce your name?
Ah! You got me… I don’t actually know! Okay.  Here’s the thing.  “Erini” is not my legal name, I’ve just been going by it since college.  That’s 7 years now.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s my name and one day the government will recognize that too.

My grandfather is Finnish.  So he’s the one who started calling me Erini way back when (before college even), and I really loved it.  The thing is, I cannot speak Finnish.  I can read a little bit of it, but asking me to do so outloud? HA!  Trust me when I say Chinese is easier.

So, the correct Finnish pronunciation aside, here’s what I consider acceptable:
Erin-EE or Air-Re-Nee… Rini (Ree-Nee) for short.

If you’re asking about the CS, it’s just that. C-S.

Why cupcakes over other delicious desserts?
Well, I do love certain pies.  Growing up I only liked pumpkin, but my time living with the Mennonites put a healthy appreciation for the dessert in me.  The only Menno staple I don’t care for is pecan.  I’m also not sure how I feel about shoo-fly.

Anyway, cupcakes are a great size for just one person — you won’t look selfish if you eat it all.  And when you share it, it’s intimate.  Cupcake dates (with friends or otherwise), totally awesome.  Also: Cupcakes are NOT vehicles for icing!  That’s what separates a decent cupcake from an AMAZING cupcake.

I do love other desserts… but after this summer and all the fun I had on my cupcake dates, it holds a special place in my heart.


All right… there’s a question from CMigs for Jaron as well… but he’s probably getting on the train or going to the station… he’s getting ready to see me.  Soo… I’ll have him answer it later.

I should probably finish as much of the cleaning as possible… I underestimated the time I’d need for these dishes and how many would need to soak some… I hate admitting this, but this is probably the WORSE I’ve left my dishes…

I really do like, so keep asking me questions and I’ll keep answering them!