infinity + one (a nerdy affair…)

Tired of this mushy adorable, oh-so-happy relationship stuff?  Well, don’t put your barf bag away just yet.

I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day… so therefore my thoughts are all clouded up with all this pseudo-romance floating around.  On any given day my mind is already “Jaron is soooo awesome!  Jaron’s the Best! Jaron Jaron Jaron.” … Add in all this extra-ness?  Yeah.  Big ole quixotic mess right here.

Someone‘d this question: “I see that you have liked a lot of guys on your blog so two questions. 1. What makes Jaron so special? 2. How can you be so sure in such a short amount of time?”

I did answer on formspring…  But I did want to address it here as well.

There are many many things that make Jaron so special.  More than I’m even able to fathom.  You hear so much about people talking about how their significant other/partner/someone special just gets them.  And I feel like I can definitely say that about Jaron.  It’s an abstract thing to describe, but being able to “get” someone is just amazing.  He knows how to interpret what I say and mean to say.  That’s big.

It’s a combination of all these overwhelming indescribable things and the concrete miscellanea.  We both loath cilantro, we’re both huge nerds (though I dare say, Jaron may win the medal here), both brass musicians, both have similar indifferences and similar pet peeves.  We both embrace our inner child.  He doesn’t care that I kept stealing (and probably will keep stealing) his power ups.  And he totally gets bonus for being the best cuddler ever and giving multiple massages without any sort of prompting at all.  The butterflies every time he kisses me.

When Jaron visited last weekend there was definitely a moment when I looked at him and thought “I can’t think of any guy who could ever be better than you”…  It was just something small…  We were walking, hand-in-hand, through my favorite park in the city, the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Watching Jaron watch the animals, I noticed it.  He looks at the animals the same way I look at the animals.  It may seem ridiculous to you, but that moment was huge.  I have always wanted someone to share this special experience with, someone who would get it.  Jaron does.

How can I be sure so soon?  Honestly, there is no way.  I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for us.  All I know is that Jaron makes me unbelievably happy.  The distance is hard.  Even this early on.  But it is more than so totally worth it.  We just have to go through it one day, one moment, at a time.

I’m on the best journey ever.