no wonder I'm tired…

Since my promotion at work… I’ve been putting in 45-50 hour weeks.

The majority of that time has been spent with an employee who makes things less than pleasant.   I thought I’d have some issues with her — I’d only been here about 3-4 months, where as she’s nearing her one year mark.  But there is a reason I was promoted and she wasn’t.

Anyway.  I won’t go into details… but yeah… I’m not the only one who has issues with her.  Which is slightly reassuring that it’s not just my managerial naivety, but it is frustrating when none of us can really work well with her.  Or when all of us dread working with her.  Yes.  For the first time ever I actually dread part of my job.  It’s a heartbreaking realization.

This chick makes me feel like I’m failing.  I’ve actually cried at work because I was just so fed up (luckily I was completely alone in the store).  I almost cried when I saw the schedule for this current week and saw yet another 4 day week of her (I luckily get one day with the general manager where my sanity can return).

She wears me thin.  I don’t think she’s a good fit for our store.  (For many reasons.)  But I can’t really do much beyond just doing my job and pushing through.

At least I have an amazing man coming to spend this weekend with me… and I cannot wait to throw my arms around him and just give him the biggest kiss ever.