Wench, or not…

I started Wench over a year ago, and though I have no plans on giving up on blogging… I’m starting to wonder what my online identity is truly saying about me.

I started out with the lame “Post-Collegiate Lessons”, then very quickly switched to “hopelessly yours…” (the name of my old radio show)… from there I went to “Wench”.  I committed with purchasing a domain and even printing blog cards.  The past few months I’ve been wondering if this is what I want.

Wench stems from a college joke.  The summer after my first year, I was going to work at a saloon in a thrill park.  I was going to be a Beer Wench.  From that summer on, the Wench joke popped up here and there.  And well, honestly it made a decent bowling name.  And from the moment I bought my domain, I was sure and confident in choosing Wench.

But for the majority of the populous, Wench has not-so-great meanings and connotations.   Does that truly represent me?

I’m cool with my tag line, “Damn Awesome and Damn Cute”…. plus, tag lines are much easier to change.  I’m not so sure how it’d work with any other possible name though.  I don’t think it’d work with “hopelessly yours…” (though I’m starting to like that one again).

So, my lovely internet friends and colleagues, what’s a girl to do?  Does anyone have any suggestions that might be more fitting?  Also, it must be said, the pink dinosaurs won’t be going anywhere.  (I also don’t want to take “Pink Dinosaurs” over here, it fits my tumblog much better.)

Do I keep Wench?  Do I go back to “hopelessly yours…”?? Do I attempt to buy “Must Love Geek” from Jenn?  Do I create something completely new?  (If anyone is up for brainstorming, online or off.. I’d be grateful.)