Wench no more.

Last week I made public my concern on whether I wanted to continue under the title “Wench”.  It’d been something on my mind for a while.  I wasn’t sure that was how I wanted to brand myself online.  Sure, Wench was mildly edgy and unique, helped me stand apart from the crowd.  I loved it.  But I didn’t think I could reach my full blogging potential with it.

I was having an online identity crisis.

So ran to my friends.  I sought out people via Wench and also emailed a handful of people.  I spent a few hours in conversations trying to figure things out.  Spent a couple nights trying to think of new blog titles.  Ran into a lot of road blocks.  Found a lot of what were decent blog names, but just weren’t me.  Finally, while walking to work one morning, it struck me.  Adorkable. It’s something I had called Jaron recently.  It’s something I’d used with my mom on numerous occasions.  It was still playful, unique, and showed my personality.  It was perfect.  It was also taken.  So a little twisting and BAM! Adorkable Me.

I know a lot of people have expressed that they liked Wench.  Trust me.  I did too.  But being associated with being a bitch, being a prostitute, being loose… it wasn’t me.  Maybe if I was involved in the renaissance faire scene, I’d continue on with pride.  But that’s not me either (the faire thing, I’ve got pride.  Sisu!) … I wanted to be able to tell anyone my blog name without having to clarify it.  I wanted something I could tell my family without hesitation.

I’m still the same Erini.  I have a new URL, a new blog, a new design… but it’s still me.  I’m still going to bring you the same awesomeness that I had been before.  I’ve still got pink dinosaurs.  I hope you continue on this awesome adventure with me.

(Also, as with any new site, if you notice any bugs or kinks, please let me know! I did delete a lot of categories, so I know that the archives might be a little wonky.)