Stuck on you

So a couple people have asked about “my boy” and how things are going… so here is another gushing update…

I’m settling in as a permanent resident of swoonsville.  It’s been a month and the butterflies haven’t gone away.  (OMG IT’S BEEN A MONTH TODAY.)  However, in this month I’ve spent a total of two weekends with him.  And that’s been it.

Last weekend was one of those.  We walked around the Art Institute until our stomachs kicks us out and took us to a tourist filled restaurant.  We giggled our way through the Lego store.  I brought him to enemy territory (the Apple store — he’s so a PC).  He survived a very quick trip to Victoria’s Secret (what? I *really* needed a new basic bra).  We dorked out at the robot store.  And Jaron got to feed a want (while I avoided temptation) and he got a Nook — but I did (finally) get a book of complete works from Charles Perrault (thanks to Jaron finding it!)…   That was all before dinner on Saturday.  Directly after he got off the train.

When you’re in a long distance relationship, you try to smash SO MUCH into whatever time you have together.  And whatever you do, you do your damnest to make sure it’s always together.  You are glued to each other.  It seems overwhelming to some, but it’s just a reality.  If Jaron was living in Chicago, yes, I could live without seeing him every free moment.

This month, I’m only going to get to see him for one day.  ONE DAY.  Probably less than 24 hours!  It’s only for the day before his birthday — I can’t even see him on his birthday.  It’s hard.  I miss him like crazy.  But we’re doing what we can.  We try to talk almost every day, even if it’s just something short.  He’s now on Glass with me, which is SUPER awesome.  And I’ve even talked him into blogging.  (No idea what he’s going to write about, and he’s admitted the same, but you can follow him here: Supposed to Win.)

I’m falling for this guy, completely and utterly falling for him.  There were moments this past weekend when looking in his eyes, when he held me, just seeing him smile… it was a feeling beyond words.  It’s those moments that make all the distance, all the time apart… it makes them worth it.