wherein I treat myself to a girl’s day.

So, yesterday and today didn’t exactly go how I was hoping.  It hasn’t been bad, but well, plans changed.  On Wednesday Jaron and I worked it out so I could come to visit for a few days before needing to be at work on Saturday.  Then he got sick.  And my trip got canceled.  And that ginormous bubble of uber excitement got burst.

After the point of no return passed yesterday and it was definitely confirmed I wouldn’t be seeing my super amazing boyfriend, I shut myself in my apartment and just had a low key evening.  But today, I wasn’t going to mope around the house — pouting wasn’t going to make Jaron feel better sooner nor would it magically make me appear at his house.  So I decided I was going to treat myself.

I made an appointment at Juko to get my nails done — finally getting to use my gift certificate!  Only, I left it at home.  Luckily the owner is good friends with my boss, so I’ll be back on Monday to actually pay for my mani-pedi.  (Of course, within minutes, I scratched one of my nails — this is why I don’t normally get manicures.)

Then after stopping in at a few cute shops I’d always passed going to and from work, but they’d always been closed, I decided “hey, why I don’t I shop within my budget.”  So I went to Kohls.

New dresses for spring.  New tops.  New light cardigans.  And a couple fun headbands for good measure.  And because I really don’t care for fashion beyond “Hey I look hot!”, I’ll spare you any attempt by me pretending that I actually know anything or that I’m a fashion blogger…. Here are a couple photos!

The Abbey Dawn dress… yes, that’s Avril Lavigne’s clothing line.  The skirt is fantastic, but the top of the dress is lame. (Seriously, ribbed tank with zipper front? Not my thing.)  Oh.  And one of the ridiculous headbands.

Being stupid with my new sunglasses.  My last pair snapped in half, so I sort of needed new ones.  I’ve got a rule with sunglasses, don’t pay more than $5-7, make sure they’re big and ridiculous.

I live within a mile of Wrigley.  It’s an easy walk.  It’s about damn time I own a Cub’s shirt.  This one is damn cute.  I plan on wearing it to work as much as possible this spring.

I bought a handful more than this… but that’s all I really felt like modeling.  Tonight I’ll eat candy and ice cream, watch chick flicks and work on a few projects (like Jaron’s birthday gifts, a guest post for next week – details to come, and some reading/writing stuffs).  While it definitely won’t beat a couple days with my awesome and cute boyfriend, it was a lot of fun.