Don't slow down

Last night I started my first writing course through the Story Studio.  I’d been a little nervous.  It’s a workshop structured course — meaning at least once during those eight weeks they were all going to read my story and talk about it.  Critique it.  Tell me everything that is wrong or confusing or just bad.  Granted, they’ll also tell me what they like, but it’s hard to focus on that.

Well, the class went well.  I pushed my fears away and even read aloud in class (I hate doing that, always have) — granted it wasn’t my work, and we all read, but still… anxiety…  It’s a small group, with mixed levels and mixed writing histories and of course styles.  I think there’s only two of us writing short stories (including me).  But with a small group it’ll mean I’ll get to have my stuff workshopped twice.  My goal is to bring in two different pieces — thus giving a total boost to my portfolio that I’m reconstructing.

Anyway.  This isn’t about that.  As I was walking home last night, iPod in and the volume up, I realized I was happy.  Just purely happy.  Literally damn near bouncing up and down and dancing.  In public. My friend Josh had given me a good deal of music, which I was listening to, and “Don’t Slow Down” by Matt & Kim had come on.

That was it.  Don’t slow down. Without even hesitating, I knew what I needed to do was run head first, full speed, at life.  There is need for some cautiousness, but none of this stopping to whine, worry, or just to be lame.  Don’t slow down. That was it.

Last night definitely felt like a page had been turned and I discovered that last chapter was over.  The fancy little squiggle was there, and there was a new number and a blank page staring me in the face.  All of that was done.  There was a whole new adventure waiting.

Don’t slow down.