under attack

Internets, I’m under attack.  Security has been breached.  It’s been a slow, but continual attack.  And it’s time to take action.

Little kids keep coming into my yard and standing right outside my windows.  I’m in a garden apartment, so well, so everything is at ground level.  These peeping kids aren’t really after me… They’re after my cats.  Because apparently I have the only cats in the neighborhood, thus meaning my house has become a local zoo exhibit.  But unlike the zoo these (_choose your own expletive_) parents and nannies have let their kids through the gate and up to the cage (ie: my house!)…

So you may think, what’s the big deal? They’re just kids…  Maybe I’m over reacting, but seriously, how would you like it if some snot-nosed, shrieking Peeping Tommy (or Janey, as is typically the case) is right up on your window, which is a mere foot or so from your back…which is where you do everything.   No-pants time?  Totally happens on the couch.  Internets time?  Couch.  Stuffing my face?  Couch.  First stop with le BOYS.? Couch…Everything.  Probably 80% of my time at home is in front of those windows on my sofa.

It may seem strange, because while I’m a fairly open person online, I’m pretty private at home.  I mean, I’m not private offline… It’s just that my home is my fort.  My little cave.  Anywhere I live, on my own or with a roommate, I always have to have that one secure place to hide away.  Since I’m living on my own, it’s the entire apartment.  I’ve taped cloth up over two windows that can’t fit curtains.  I’ve got dark grey curtains else where.  I’m not anti-sunlight.  I just want my cave.  It’s my version of a security blanket.

I was about two steps away from telling this woman to stop opening my gate and letting her kid in to run through my (landlord’s) garden up to my window, but they left.  Seriously.  When is it ever okay to go into a stranger’s yard and press your face up to the window, tap on it and yell “KITTY!!!”???  If telling them to please respect my privacy doesn’t work… I think I might have to plant some of that special ivy….