want: (now & forever)

  • a puppy (sorry kitties, but it’s true)
  • people to not mess up the apartment listing ads on craiglists with a whole slew of misrepresented and just WRONG ads.  (West Rogers Park is NOT Boystown.)
  • my apartment to magically be packed up when the time comes
  • an eleventy-million dollar shopping spree to ModCloth.com
  • to be able to support myself with my writing and design work/skills
  • a membership to Shedd (and about 50 other places in Chicago)
  • to be able to sit and focus and write this story that’s been playing in my head for the last week
  • just to spend dedicated time writing!
  • a bike.  a pretty one.
  • to remember to include my cell phone bill in my monthly budget

Just a small list for today… Some of it lines up with my Life List… which I just created for the first time ever.  Weird.

I’ve never really been one to want a Life List.   I always felt like it would evolve into a “things I never did” list or a “I feel lame” list.  I realize that these lists, like my life, are not set in stone.  And thus, I really shouldn’t worry about it.

So I’m just throwing all of this stuff out to the universe.  Hoping that maybe the universe will play nice, and who knows… I’ll get a sweet bike to ride to my amazing writing/editing/design job, then back home to my killer apartment with my Lovely roommate.  So yeah, sending all this out to the universe.  We’ll see what happens from there.