bloggers in real life

One of the awesome things about blogging, is when it comes out into the real world.  When you interact offline.  And recently I’ve been hit with so much awesomeness that I want to just hug the internets.

Booze.  Boobies.  Cheeseburgers.  And that’s just the tip of it.

None other than Jenn Awesome Face escaped from LA for a bit and graced us with her mustachioed awesomeness.  This meant meet ups.  So Friday night we all gathered for drinks.  I got to re-meet the other John and Todd.  And got to meet Steve the Deve for the first time.  So we had a lot of fun and were kicked out of the bar — because it closed, not for any other reasons.

And then we went out the following night for more drinks!  It was a much smaller group this time.  But still just as much fun.  (This was the night of mostly boob talk and CHEESEBURGER.)  I also discovered that BZ‘s office is lacking in females, and thus, they should totally hire me.

This weekend was also crazy because on Saturday morning, after being out until 2:30 or later, I went and looked at 14 apartments.  With only eating a cookie beforehand.  All-in-all it was good and fun.  And we found a top contender.  But the real deal — I’m getting the most awesomest roommate ever.  Lovely is coming back to Chicago and we’ve decided that our awesomeness combined is just going to rock the mortar off any apartment.  So that’s what we’re going to do.

Top off everything with a super amazing, not quite a surprise package from (a different) Jenn.

I love my blogging friends.  They make life amazing.