jobs I would rock:

  • anything that involves InDesign & Photoshop
    (I can give you a list of people who’ve called me a genius at those programs)
  • writer. (Duh.)
  • mythbuster assistant. (LN2, explosions, nerdiness, science! = awesome)
  • event planner & coordinator (even in terms of marketing & PR, et cetera)
  • associate producer/editor (or editorial assistant) -> print/program director
  • interior designer (ish)
  • book + paper arts artist
  • educator:
    – wildlife
    – creative writing (after my MFA; possibly literature, depends on after my degree)
    -communications (media stuffs, journalism, pr, broadcast stuffs. need a faculty adviser? me.)
    – social media, internets, blogging, basic design for web
    – book + paper arts
  • cupcake expert
  • blogger. (another: Duh.)

That’s the smallish list I created last night.  The majority of these are obtainable in some way or another.  And a lot of them are really more than jobs, they can be careers.  But most importantly, I can definitely and confidently say that three of those bullet points involve very strong, deep rooted passions.  (I’m going to go a head and make them bold and pink. — if you’re wondering about the first, it’s because it holds true to “strive to do something creative every day”, plus I rock those programs and thoroughly love working with them.)

Now there are two others I could have thrown in there but that fraction of hesitation to include them in that first batch kept me from doing that.  (Which is why they’re just bold.)

Anyway.  The main point is that a lot of these are obtainable.  Meaning I need to get off my complacent butt and get working towards these.  I don’t hate the toy store, but it’s not the right place for me — and I’m starting to feel that every time I’m there.  I am grateful for the job and the promotion, but the reality is I don’t want to stay in retail long term (or even through the next holiday season) and even though I did get a good raise, I’m really not earning enough.

Even though I’m generally exhausted (which, yes, the toy store is a large factor there), I’ve got to actively be working to start doing something I love.  I mean, yes, I’m am indeed throwing this out to the universe hoping to speed up the process.  But I can’t just put this on my blog and hope something just magically falls in my lap (or inbox).*

So.  Here’s to it.  I’m not happy in my current situation.  So I need to do something about it.  Let’s see how this goes.

*Although don’t let that stop you.  You should totally hire me — just contact me (erini {at} erinichristine {dot} com) and we can talk, you can check out my portfolio**, we can meet over cupcakes.  Trust me.  I’m awesome.
**Unfortunately a lot of my writing and design was lost… bad archiving systems.  But you want a sample that relates to your business, just ask and I’ll show you want I can do.