I wish…

  • that my apartment would pack itself, or at least the moving arrangements would take care of itself — because I don’t know how my stuff is going to get to the new place
  • I wasn’t on a bimonthly pay period.  It’s too irregular.  It needs activia or something.  I guess it’s better than monthly, but still… I miss biweekly.
  • my job satisfied me more…
  • my cats wouldn’t wake me up, at least not so early
  • I would have saved some of my work from NU for my portfolio
  • my bank account didn’t suck
  • that it was June 1 and I was already in the new apartment with Lovely
  • that I didn’t feel too exhausted to write or do other creative things

Okay.  Enough of me complaining in the morning.  I’m going to go eat a cupcake.