counting down (why June is going to rock)

It’s only a few weeks away now, and I SERIOUSLY cannot wait!

Here are just a few of the reasons why June, possibly one of the best months ever, is going to rock (even more) this year:

  • Lovely and I will finally be living in our new apartment — which is going to rock in more ways that one
  • Um, hello.  BIRTHDAY.  I’m turning 26 this year.  OMG THAT IS CRAZY.
  • I just got some exciting news from Brand About Town and Nintendo… fun times will be had
  • Jenn will be in Chicago
  • Jenn Awesome Face will be in Chicago
  • Rebekah will be in Chicago

I think, outside of some of my blog friends being in the city, what I’m looking forward to most will be the move.  We sign our lease tomorrow and I’m going to sigh the biggest sigh of relief ever.  Then I just have to pack.

Normally I’d attempt to do something big and crazy for my birthday… not sure what to do this year.  For some reason 26 seems big, and mildly intimidating.  And, well, the move is consuming my mind a bit more than the idea of planning a party.

Regardless.  June, I love you.

So you know what I’m excited about now… what are you excited about for June?