a hot mess

This last little bit of May is sort of, well, crazy.  So many changes are coming in just one weeks time, when I sit down for a breather I end up just crashing.

Most of this is revolving around the move.  Lovely and I have our keys and our belongings are slowly making their way over.  I’m making my first trip with things tomorrow — Mennogirl offered to help get some things down from Evanston that I left last year… like my futon chair.

I’m packing up the apartment, and realizing that I have just a lot of stuff.  I’m weeding through it.  But I still have a lot of stuff.  I’m hoping it’ll feel like less when I’m no longer living in a tiny apartment.  But beyond the boxes and bags everywhere, my place is just sort of off because I sold my sofa.   So when I want to come home to rest a bit, it means lounging on the bed which means passing out (as mentioned).

Throw into the pot the fact that my landlord is showing my apartment a few times this week — and thus I need to keep the place insanely clean while packing… Yeah.  That’s fun.  I can make it presentable, but I can’t promise sparkling.

The goal is to get things out before going to Libby’s wedding this weekend.  That way when I come home from Ohio, I can just be at the new place and not worry.  (Also, sadness: Josh’s last day at the toy store is while I’m in Ohio… so while I get to return to my new apartment and amazing roommate, I get to also return to a Josh-less job.)

Not-to-mention Chicago has decided it’s perfectly acceptable to just dump 90-degree weather on us suddenly… The kittens have knocked the fan out of the window more times than I can tolerate.

Yeah.  Hot mess.

I absolutely cannot wait to be in the new place with it’s oh-so wonderful ceiling fans!  … just need to figure out the whole getting things over there thing since I lack a vehicle or a valid license to get a vehicle… and the budget too.