I was never good at hurdles.

All that excitement about June and starting projects and fresh pages…. yeah, things don’t go so smoothly when a few days into your oh-so-awesome month you run into obstacles. Personally, I’m just trying to avoid hitting a wall.

I’m still excited about my projects — and looking forward to Josh’s return to Chicago.  He’s sort of been my key sounding board and source for more inspiration and ideas lately, if you haven’t noticed.  (It’s hard not to be completely woo’ed by him.)

However, I find myself in that familiar place where work isn’t fun any more.  Where I’m not excited to go there.  And I work in a freaking toy store.  This is just wrong.  There is a little bit of personality differences, where I’m butting heads with someone… but obviously I can’t really go into that here.  Anyway.  I’m trying to keep myself from doing something rash, like just up and quitting, the next time I run gut first into one of these hurdles.  (Although, a lot of times it feels like maybe I’m just running too close to the field throwers and getting hit by their shotputs and discus  discs.)

So, the goal now is to attempt to salvage and scrape up the pieces of enjoyment that I used to get from my job and see where I can direct them so I can still have gainful employment until something better comes along.  I like the owner of the store, but I don’t really feel that she can offer me the type of job I’m seeking.

Anyway, I’ve got yet another open to close looming in front of me.  So I should grab my lunch (yay roomie! she cooks.), and head out the door.  Probably going to have a conversation with the voice of reason — aka mom — on the walk over.