of friends and games (weight. stop. love.)

On Friday I had the honor of hosting a movie and game night through Brand About Town, Nintendo and Netflix.  An opportunity for my friends and I to gather, watch a movie instantly through Netflix streaming on my Wii… and then play some games.

People gathered, we had a lot of amazing snacks and goodies — mini cupcakes by Sugar Bliss!  A Mario Kart tournament took place (I took 3rd), and some old school Nickelodeon shows were watched.  And overall, it was a grand time.


Now, I say this because during the night a comment was made, and it wasn’t right.  A harsh comment.  “People who are size zero should die.”

I looked at my roommate as she stared blankly, shocked at comment, and the conversation around her.  “But…. I’m a size zero.”

Now.  I love all my friends.  And I realize that none of us are perfect (myself included).  But that comment was just wrong.  Uncalled for.  Spoken out of a personal issue that shouldn’t have been express as it was.

Lovely’s put it down beautifully… and I highly suggest you go over and read her post:

Weight. Stop. Love.

Weight is a very hard, personal thing.  I’ve struggled with it for years, even though I’ve never been overweight.  I’m 5’4″.  And last I checked (which was a while ago) I was around 140-145lbs.  Thing is, I’m still the same size as I was in high school, yet I’ve gained about 20 or so pounds.  (Size 11 in juniors, 6-8 in women’s/misses.)

It’s taken a lot of work for me to just be happy with who I am.  To feel beautiful.  We need to stop perpetuating hate — just like Lovely states — and we need to love each other, and support and uplift each other, for the wonderful, beautiful people we are.

Let’s join her in promoting this message of love and respect.