what I've been doing with myself…

We all get busy.  Life gets crazy.  Yadda yadda.  We’ve heard this story before.  I’m still putting in about 45-50 hours a week at the toy store.  I’m still working on plans for starting my school (er, community education center).  I’m still attempting a social life and that whole dating thing.

But this is something that’s gotten me excited again.  A little bit of fun that’s come back into my life.  I’m reacquainting myself with my sketch books.

You already know about my Sketch-A-Day project… which well, was a massive load of FAIL for June.  But I’m back on it again.  But outside of that sketch, I’ve been doodling away in other books.  Here’s a couple things that have come from that:

And I’ve also been drawing with a knife, which results in things like this:

So yeah.  Crafty crafty.  I’ve been debating another attempt at my comic-blog-thing, Fledgling Adult.  I’ve also just been debating flooding this blog with sketches, doodles, and other creative ventures.  Or, well, there’s tumblr too.  What are your thoughts?  Dedicated blog/site for my creative stuffs or just put it on here?